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Odeen Mays Band

(Cincinnati - Columbus - Los Angeles)

Odeen Mays has been a fixture on the international as well as the local music scene for more than three decades. Odeen has been a member of the national act Cool and the Gang, the Ohio Players and has performed with many other national artists. 

Locally, Odeen performs with some of the best and brightest talent in Cincinnati and Columbus at some of the areas premier dining establishments, casinos and private functions when not on the road with national acts. 

Odeen is gifted with both incredible singing abilities and keyboard skills, and has the capacity to perform solo to orchestrating a full 8 piece band.


Odeen's repertoire list ranges from Nat King Cole, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson to James Taylor.  

Email for availability and pricing or call 513-258-7229 or 213-590-0833. 

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